Brains Trust  is an audio visual presentation by scholars and experts .

It is a confederacy of thinkers who use knowledge to build bridges.


This initiative is inspired by President F D Roosevelt.


In 1932, FDR created a forum of scholars who reflected on matters of national and global importance shorn of political bias and rhetoric and rooted in facts and knowledege. A New York Times reporter picked up this development and called the group FDR's Brains Trust.

The presentations are  curated and recorded.  The material is  shared on our You Tube site to make it accessible to a wider audience.

The program is slated for an eight city tour where five experts from the Brains Trust cohort will be presenting their ideas on pre determined subjects of interest, to an invited audience. 

We are independent & non partisan publishers. This program is dedicated to  our citizens who are interested in issues of significance presented by experts with scholarship. We do not take any institutional positions on matters of policy.

HCL Maestros In Studio presents the best of  Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music by the finest musicians our  country.  We record and film the music with great care @ The Peninsula Studios so that these high quality performances are there for music lovers to enjoy for ever. We embellish the music with stories about the poetry, the poets, the composers, the instruments and the artist to create interest in Classical music.


This spring we recorded and filmed 32 artists who created 66 tracks of music, produced by The Peninsula Studios. This a part of season one of HCL Maestros in Studio series.

This is perhaps the largest production ever of Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music as a part of one collection.

Anil Srinivasan, concert pianist, graduate of Columbia University, a Director  and Artist of The Peninsula Studios curated and co produced the Carnatic recordings. 

Kaushiki Chakraborty, one of India's finest classically trained vocalist curated the Hindustani  recordings along with Arunabha Shubho Deb. She mentored the artists to give off ther best.

Coming Soon - Coke Studio Live @ The Peninsula Studios

This is perhaps the most audacious program to unearth the finest music and musicians from deep inside the hinterland of India, in partnership with The Peninsula Studios.  This program makes its international debut in India.


Out of a roster of 500 musicians, over a 100 field recordings, 1800 kms of travel and 9 months of production emerged 13 Coke Studio  artists, 11 musicians, and 10 great songs rooted in Punjab. This team formed our "Artists in Residence" program. The music and video was recorded simultaneously to capture the magical moments when the music comes to life. 


Hear wonderful compositions by great poets like Baba Bulleh Shah and Shah Hussein in some of the finest folk music from Punjab in this production.

The program is authentic, gruelling and robust, as for the music, it is for all of you to enjoy. 

These gifted artists are sending their recordings for scholarships and admissions to music schools here in India as well as overseas. More opportunities to record perform and showcase their talents because of Coke Studio. This program changes lives and presents our great heritage to audiences across cultures and boundaries.

The story about of Coke Studio  is about great music from our lands, sung by simple, happy men and women who have given off their best while being recorded live. 

Universal Music Group takes Coke Studio  Live @ The Peninsula Studios to the world.

Real People, Real Music, the Real Thing.

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