Artists in Residence @ The Peninsula Studios

We celebrate our journey with over 2300 musicians we have interacted with, the 1000 plus field recordings and all the wonderful artists, musicians, technicians who have contributed with their passion and talent. 


This page tells the story of about 123 wonderful artists who have been a part of our "Artist in Residence" program, they have stayed with us and have recorded in The Peninsula Studios.

The Peninsula Studio is a unique facility, maybe one of its kind.  Here over 200 music aficionados can enjoy music being recorded and filmed for audio output and broadcast quality audio visual output.


Our artists have recorded Coke Studio Roots and Rangley Punjabis for broadcast on television including MTV on our sound stage. 


All our productions are recorded and filmed in the studio. The versatility of this facility resides in the fact that we can record music live and and film simultaneously. Try the superb recordings in Live @ The Peninsula Studios series.

This Studio is designed by Ratan J Batliboi architect of great eminence and repute and the late Rustom Pavri.

All our live events across verticals are hosted in the studio for an invited audience.

We thank all our artists, the technical team that records, films, arranges, mixes, masters, edits to produce the final content.


The Peninsula Studios is what it is because of all these wonderful men and women who work as a team.

We celebrate good work that they do, the success that comes their way and we always look forward to them coming back to work in The Peninsula Studios.

Artists In Residence

Vishaljeet Kaur