HCL Maestros in Studio, Live @ The Peninsula Studios is an audiovisual presentation of Indian Classical Music showcasing both the Hindustani and Carnatic traditions.


We present the finest young artists of today, performing exquisite pieces, recorded and filmed Live @ The Peninsula Studios.


Our vision is to popularize good music and build a rich catalogue of Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music in the audio and AV format. Our mission is to capture the talent of various artists from diverse gharanas spanning the geography of this country.


This program celebrates artists who are supremely talented and very well known in their respective geographies and will be maestros in the coming years.

Anil Srinivasan concert pianist from Chennai curated the early recordings to create this challenging template.


Kaushiki Chakraborty, amongst India’s finest vocalist, curated the Hindustani recordings.


In Season 1 we recorded 68 tracks of music over 681 minutes rendered by 34 artists from across the country in Season.


Earlier Anil (on the piano) recorded over 28 tracks of music with Sikkil Gurucharan (vocals), Supratik Das (vocals), Arshad Khan (esraj), Amaan Ali (tabla) and Narayan Rao (poetry recitations) in presence of an invited audience.

Listen to the great classical poets like Jayadeva, Vallabhacharya, Maharaj Swathi Thirunal, Tagore and Bharathi and their exquisite poetry rendered by our Artists in Residence.

The recordings are flawless and loved by audiences across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Shofi Mondol the eminent Baul singer from Kushtia in Bangla Desh and  Gholam Fokir from Nadia in Bengal have produced great recordings.

We hope to build a library of the finest recordings by great classical singers over time.

We try to use this platform to present musical instruments that are going extinct. We are very happy that Arshad played the Esraj in these recordings in 2012.


We have published National Award winning albums which you can can listen to and see below.