Chamber Theatre

#The Magic of Stage

Chamber Theatre Live @ The Peninsula Studios is a  unique platform where high quality theatre curated by us is presented to a discerning invited audience in the intimate setting of our Studio.

The platform is genre and language agnostic.


Shri M K Raina, India's foremost theatre personality leads this production with Sita Raina of The Peninsula Studios who curates this program.

Kabira Khada Baazaar Mein:

Kabira Khada Baazaar Mein is based on the life and work of the Bhakti poet Saint Kabir.  The play is written by Bhishm Sahni in the turbulent decade of the 1980s. The play recounts anecdotes  from Kabir’s life in the straight narrative form, employed as a means to express revulsion against untouchability and religious exclusivism. Kabir’s verses, still a living tradition, are an uncompromising rejection of the tyranny of fundamentalism, and ritualistic obscurantism. The play, adopted in popular dialect, was first performed in the 1980s is directed by M K Raina.

Buhe Bariyan:

Buhe bariyan weaves three short stories,  Amrita Pritam’s "Kori Handa",  Ajit Caur’s "Maami" and the humorous  reassertion of female strength  in "Phirangian Di Nuh" by Veena Verma. These plays were converted to a three act production, direct by M K Raina.

Fiery, volatile, intense, mercurial and passionate, each tale gives shades of surmountable and insurmountable miseries,oppression and fortitude of the female protagonist of each story.

Nita Mohindra the eminent actor from Amritsar kept the audience spellbound by her rivetting performance.