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Discovering the Peninsula is dedicated to discovering, nurturing and reviving the hidden music talent in the country at the grass root level and presenting their music to audiences across cultures and geographies. This is our flagship program that began in the winter of 2010. We travelled in the small towns and villages of Rajasthan and Punjab, where we met over 2000 musicians which resulted in over 1000 field recordings. Out these, 80 musicians attended our Artist in Residence program.  


We curate the song sung by simple, happy men and women and present it to the world. We do this by travelling in to the small towns and villages and meeting these wonderful artists. There is story behind the music, the poets, their compositions, the architecture and food of the villages in which these songs are sung. The story is about our artists, the discovery, and the journey we undertake. All this makes it a rich experience.


The music is curated and mentored by eminent musicians and their final presentation is recorded and filmed under supervision.

Over 30 tracks of music have been presented in 3 albums “Coke Studio Roots" Live @ The Peninsula Studios, ”Nokia Music Theatre" presents “The Mast Qalandars of The Peninsula Studios” and "Rangley Punjabis of The Peninsula Studios.” Our productions have been broadcast on MTV and Door Darshan as Nokia Music Theatre. The entire journey takes between 9 to 10 months of meticulous, gruelling effort.


The Recording Association of India and GIMA recognised these efforts. One album won a national award and one was nominated by GIMA. Our musicians perform live at premier events like the reception for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge,  Nokia Music Connect and high-end corporate events like HDFC Bank, Market Research Society of India and shows overseas, which further socialises the effort. Due to these efforts, the artists are getting more, shows, more opportunities for more recordings. Music changes lives.


Our vision is to spread joy by nurturing and sharing music from the Eastern most borders in Mizoram, through Dhaka, Lucknow, Lahore, right up to Mazhar e Sharif, from Gilgit to Pune, Mysore and Kandy. Where saints and fakirs travelled for centuries to create the most wonderful body of work. It is this geographical lens that made us choose the name The Peninsula Studios.

Our mission is to cover all the languages in the subcontinent and present this music to the world.

For any interest in hosting, the shows please contact -

Narinder Tawakley +91 9899004393,

Coke Studio Roots Punjab, Live @ The Peninsula Studios

Coke Studio Roots is perhaps the most audacious program to unearth the finest music and musicians from deep inside the hinterland of India, in partnership with The Peninsula Studios.  This program makes its international debut in India.


Out of a roster of 500 muscians, over a 100 field recordings, 1800 kms of travel, 9 months of production emerge 13 Coke Studio Roots artists and 11 musicans and 10 great songs rooted in Punjab.  


This team formed our Artists in Residence program. The music and video was recorded simultanouesly to capture the magic moments when music comes to life. 

The program is authentic, grueling and robust, as for the music, it is for all of you to enjoy. 

The story about Coke Studio Roots is about great music from our lands, sung by simple, happy men and women who have given off their best while being recorded live. 

These gifted artists are sending their recordings for scholarships and admissions to music schools here and overseas.  More opprtunities to record, perform, showcase their talent because of Coke Studio Roots. This program changes lives and presents our great heritage to audiences across cultures and boundaries..

Universal Music Group takes Coke Studio Roots Live @ The Peninsula Studios to the world.

Real people, real music, the real thing.

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Mast Qalandars of The Peninsula Studios - Rajasthan 

We recorded over 700 ordinary musicians from small towns and villages of Rajasthan in 2010 of which, 17 were mentored in our studio in Delhi. We curated, mentored and recorded the music they were good at in our studio.


10 tracks were mixed and mastered in London in 2011 by us to produce a world-class album called "The MastQalandars of The Peninsula Studios" which was awarded the best album by the Recording Association of India.

After returning from a successful overseas concert in Dubai, the Mast Qalandars performed as a band at premier events like Nokia Music Connect and high-end corporate events like Market Research Society of India. ​The performance received a standing ovation from Imogen Heap @ Nokia Music Connect. 

Artists in Residence like Kutle Khan, Dayam Khan and Nathoo Lal Solanki travel, perform and record, their achievements make us proud.


Music changes lives.

Rangley Punjabis of The Peninsula Studios - Punjab

The Rangley Punjabis  were curated in 2014. We worked with over 438 musicians of which 20 feature in this production presented as Nokia Music Theatre. The journey and the music was broadcast by MTV in a 3 episode serial. The album was nominated by Global Indian Music Academy GIMA 2015 as the best album - folk.

The album presents Punjabi music leading back to its roots of old school folk and high-spirited music and poetry. The album also features "Dolly Guleria", daughter of the legendary Surinder Kaur. She is a well-established folk singer, born in Mumbai (Bombay).