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Our Key Achievements

  • As a unique facility,  we are one of a kind

  • Music aficionados enjoy recording, getting filmed and broadcasted here

  • Created a branded music property called Nokia Music Theater, ie broadcasted on MTV​

  • Maestros in Studio is the largest program to curate, record and film the best of Indian Classical Music

  • Coke Studio Roots also a unique initiative that captures the best of folk music

  • Our publishing partners are the world’s largest music company Universal Music Group

  • For Brains Trust India, a confederacy of great minds will help build bridges with knowledge. Proud to partner with The British High Commission in this movement

  • Creating robust branded properties; versatile and offering multiple consumer touchpoints to provide a vibrant experience rooted in the brand proposition.

The Peninsula Studios Story

Where poets, saints, fakirs have traveled over centuries to create the most wonderful body of work. Our vision is to showcase music from the easternmost borders of India in Mizoram right up to Mazhar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan, from Gilgit, Hunza to Kandy in Sri Lanka. We play a modest part in this journey of sharing this with today’s listeners. It is this geographical lens that made us choose the name The Peninsula Studios. 

The Peninsula Studios is an oasis where singers, musicians, lyricists, poets, composers, and technicians are the soul of the creative process. They are given an environment that enables them to express their creativity.

Equally our program changes the lives of the musicians, we work within the way we run it, this is a bonus for the brand. We enable our journey in a state-of-the-art recording studio and performance space envisioned by one of India’s leading architects and music connoisseurs Ratan J Batliboi. With his technical expertise and shared passion for our vision of The Peninsula Studios, a successful pulsating music theatre was created, combined with a broadcast quality studio facility where over 200 guests can watch live recordings. 

We are a National Award Winning content creation house. We curate content - music, theatre, and ideas. We are passionate about discovering music and poetry in all languages and genres in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. 

We celebrate our journey with over 2000 musicians who have contributed 1000 plus field recordings. Our Artist in Residence program has created a library of 31 albums and music videos to date, mentor talent, and love to see them excel.

The members of The Brains Trust present their ideas in an audiovisual capsule. A multi-city tour is arranged to socialize the ideas through outreach programs.

Nokia Music Theater: Our first program is rooted in the core brand idea of Nokia - Connecting People

In 2015 the Coca Cola Company entrusted us with creating Coke Studio Roots, anchored in a very powerful thought "Taste the Feeling", taking the Coke Studio program to the grassroots. 

We treat these properties as trustees of the brand. We are focused on strengthening the brand values and creating affinity for the brand through a memorable experience. Our mission is to curate music from all parts of the subcontinent and present it to a wider audience across the world, we believe music changes lives for the better.

We look forward to a wonderful journey ahead.


Subroto Chattopadhyay

Founder of The Peninsula Studios 

Meet Our Team

SC Sir.jpg

Subroto Chattopadhyay

Founder, Chairman
The Peninsula Studios

Subroto’s executive career began with Brooke Bond (presently Unilever), ITC Ltd and PepsiCo, where he was an Executive Director and CEO of Tropicana Beverages. He was on the Sam Pitroda panel set up by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Chairman - Archival Resource Management and Marketing, Prasar Bharati - Broadcasting Corporation of India for Door Darshan and All India Radio. 

While he was Managing Director at HMV the vast music library was digitized , leading to monetizing its valuable asset.

He produced feature films like Aparna Sen’s Japanese Wife, and Rituparno Ghosh’s Khela.


Sita Raina.jpg

Sita Raina

Co-Founder & Director 
The Peninsula Studios

Sita produces the Chamber Theatre, Emperors of Melody series and anchors in all production and marketing initiatives of the studio.

Actor, Producer, Director, Sita has a large repertoire of work spanning theatre, television and cinema (she acted in Satyajit Ray’s Shatranj Ke Khiladi). She specializes in creating content and getting the best out of artists. She has been the business head for Pan Am, Delta Airlines, Sutton Seeds, The Indian Fine Art Fund and Brand Theatre. She was a Director at Euro RSCG advertising.

Sita is the Chairperson - Women in Motorsports, FMSCI 

Avinash Chordia.jpg

Avinash Chordia

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and Head Music - The Peninsula Studios

All our music content production has been led by Avinash. 


As a professional musician, he regularly plays the drums with some of the best musicians in the country. He performs with the Saturday Night Blues band and The Supersonics, which he co-founded. He also does music production and arrangements. 


Avinash has recently relocated to Sydney. 


Ananya Rane

Co-Founder, Filmmaker -
 The Peninsula Studios

Ananya has driven audiovisual content creation as Head Films in the early years of the studio. 


She studied at the Film School in Prague. She has worked with some of the best filmmakers in Hollywood and India. Her latest work has been with Oscar-winning directors Ang Lee and Kathryn Bigelow. In India, she works with Ram Madhvani, Sooni Taraporewala and Homi Adajania.

Anil Srinivasan.jpg

Anil Srinivasan

Anil is a concert pianist and is passionate about introducing good music to new audiences, particularly young adults and children. An alumnus of Columbia University, he designed the idea of Live @The Peninsula Studios and Maestros in The Peninsula Studios as a producer.

Co-Founder, Independent Director - Musician

Ratan J Batliwala.jpg

Ratan J Batliboi

Co-Founder, Independent Director – Architect

Ratan conceptualized and designed The Peninsula Studios, which allows us to record music and produce TV programs and host theatre in the presence of over 200 guests. RJB is an eminent architect and designer.

Aneesh Jain

Aneesh Jain

Aneesh is an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur. He is a social entrepreneur.

 Independent Director


Narinder Tawakley

Co-Founder General Manager -
Head events & Artist Management

Narinder Tawakley has been a part of The Peninsula Studios from the very beginning. He was earlier the production planning manager at HMV.

Neel Adhikari.jpg

Neel Adhikari

Neel has been an outstanding contributor to the music from The Peninsula Studios that has made a mark in the industry. He is responsible for mentoring all our artists in Discovering the Peninsula program and arranging / composing music for these projects. He has also played the guitars, ukulele and has given vocals in the Coke Studio Roots.

Musician, Music Director


M K Raina

Theatre Actor, Director and Producer

Maharaj Krishna Raina, popularly known as M.K. Raina presents Chamber Theatre @The Peninsula Studios. MK is one of India's best-known theatre actors and directors. In 1970, he graduated from the National School of Drama with a Best actor award. Since 1972, he has been a freelance theatre worker and film person, working all over India in many languages and with many traditional forms.

He was also awarded one of India's highest theatre awards, the B.V. Karanth award for lifetime achievement in 2007.

mohan guruswami.jpg

Mohan Guruswamy

Mentor Brains Trust

A graduate of Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, he is President of the Center for Policy Alternatives. He curated the initial seasons of Brains Trust Live @ The Peninsula Studios.


   Amitrajit Adhikari

Music Producer

Amitajeet Adhikari (Miti) has played the guitar arranged and programmed music for all our Discovering the Peninsula albums. He has a strong understanding of folk music traditions as well as modern-day songwriting, composing and arrangement techniques.

Letter from the Studio

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Good Wishes & Best Regards


Sita Raina, Avinash Chordia, Narinder Tawakley, Achinto Ganguli, Kabir Grover, Ananya Rane, Neel Adhikari, Zahid Khan, Anil Srinivasan, Ratan J Batliboi, Aneesh Jain & Subroto Chattopadhyay.


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