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Film Festival

The FootPrint Film Festival celebrates the best of films made by children and young adults from India and across the globe. The 2 day festival is an annual event held usually in the month of July at the national capital, New Delhi. It is a hybrid festival with one day being held offline at a pre- decided venue and the next day is staged online. To ensure fair and equal representation of voices of children and young adults, the festival also travels to different cities and towns in the country. It gives an opportunity to those in the hinterland to experience and participate in a festival of this size and magnitude. The festival, from 2023, will now travel to other cities like Chennai & Kolkata.

Art of Content Creation

We have developed 3 future ready programs for clients across schools, institutions and organisations across the country and globally.  All programs are conducted offline and online. For students Grade 6 onwards. We customise our designs for short and log term engagments.

The class uses a variety of instructional methods including facilitation, lectures, class discussions, activities, games, assignments, storytelling and and exploration both in and outside of class.

Students are guaranteed individual instruction and attention during each session to ensure t

hat their learning is tailored toward exactly what they need.


Let's make films

Let's make films is an immersive course designed to empower students with little to no prior experience in camera work to create their own captivating 1-10 minute short films. It covers all aspects of the filmmaking process, including pre-production, production, and post-production.


This course prioritizes practical knowledge, equipping young filmmakers with the necessary skills and techniques to bring their visions to life. Regardless of prior experience, it serves as an excellent introduction to the enchanting world of filmmaking, allowing students to kickstart their portfolios with a unique and personal short film.


This is an intensive crash course, guiding students through each critical stage of the filmmaking journey. Their education will culminate in the completion of their very own short film. Students have the freedom to pursue their individual vision or collaborate within a group project, fostering both creativity and teamwork skills.



Soundly is a beginners course in podcasting that provides participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to create their own podcasts. The course covers various aspects of podcasting, from history of sound, conceptualizing and planning to recording and editing.

During the course, participants will learn about the different styles and formats of podcasts, how to develop engaging content, and how to structure their shows effectively. They will also gain insights on selecting appropriate equipment, such as microphones and audio editing software, and learn how to achieve high-quality sound production.

Participants will be guided through the process of recording their podcast episodes, including tips on voice techniques and interview skills. The course also emphasizes the importance of storytelling and engaging the audience through captivating narratives.

In addition, Soundly teaches the basics of audio editing and post-production,  Participants will gain hands-on experience in editing their recordings, creating good quality episodes.

Soundly equips beginners with the tools and knowledge needed to embark on their podcasting journey.



Participants in the Newsworthy course will learn about the principles  of journalism and skills of a journalist.

They will explore different types of news stories and understand the role of journalist in society.

The course will guide participants through the process of gathering information, conducting interviews, and writing news articles. They will learn about research techniques, source verification, and how to structure their articles in a clear and concise manner. The course also touches upon the ethics and legal considerations in journalism.

In addition, Newsworthy emphasizes the importance of storytelling and engaging writing styles in journalism. Participants will gain insights into crafting compelling pieces  to capture the readers' attention.

Newsworthy will also introduce participants to the rapidly evolving digital landscape in journalism. 

By the end of the course, participants will have a foundation in journalism, equipped with the necessary skills to research, report, and write news stories effectively.  Newsworthy prepares beginners to embark on their journey into the dynamic world of journalism.

Requirements: Students will need a basic video camera/Camcorder/smartphone with a decent camera.

They will need a Windows or Mac computer and use free editing softwares.

Films made by participants of the workshop will have direct entry into Footprint Film Festivals.

Select articles & videos made by students will be published online on & the Peninsula Post.

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