Jawhar Sircar
Prasar Bharati - Broadcasting Corporation of India

Simply superb. This is the amongst the most important initiatives carried out with diligence, passion and deep understanding of our culture.

The Peninsula Studios deserves to be supported so that it can cover the entire subcontinent and create a legacy for future generations.

Nirupama Rao
Indian Foreign Service

You have blazed a pioneering trail, providing home and harbour to some of the best musical traditions and their exponents from our sub - continent.

Your uniqueness is to be prized.

More strength to you.

Debabrata Mukherjee
Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd

The Coke Studio movement has always been about the celebration of diversity in music, owned by a strong community of over 500 musicians and millions of music lovers. Today, after 5 years, we are immensely proud of the impact created by this unique platform in lending impetus to Independent music in the country; in turn giving an opportunity to aspiring musicians spread across the length and breadth of the country. Now through Coke Studio Roots, we have made an attempt  to further leverage the platform of Coke Studio in discovering and unearthing rich musical talent from deep pockets of Punjab. 1800 kms travel through Punjab and a pool of 500 artists makes this a very serious effort. Through the new compositions by Coke studio Roots, we intend to continue spreading happiness through the language of music.

The Peninsula Studios has been our partner in this journey “

Suhel Seth
Counselage India

Peninsula Studios, in the last six years, has redefined listening. Becasue listening is not  what you feel like doing: it is also how your listening pleasures are both crafted and curated and then finally presented. In that regard, Peninsula is our modern day version of a listening museum: where sounds have been captured by voices many a time unknown but resonating with such admirable effect. It is a museum that invites you to share the history of music and the voices that dot our country and present them in a manner that is both unique and elegant.

D Shivakumar
Nokia India Pvt Ltd

“Outstanding stuff from folk musicans for Nokia Music Theatre. A wonderful own able, sustainable property created by The Peninsula Studios".

Viral Oza
Nokia India Pvt. Ltd

"The work and opportunity to genuinely make a difference with Peninsula Studios via Nokia Music Theatre has been one of the big highlights of those years...an example of how brands can have a positive and far reaching impact on lives and culture! All the best to the team for many great successes and sweet victories!  "Nokia Music Theatre created by The Peninsula Studios".

Nadia Jamil

I am so super proud and utterly inspired by the journey and work of the Peninsula Studios. I remember when it was being imagined, even then as a vision it seemed like such a powerful and visionary idea.

Now just a few years down the road it's already nurturing, archiving and recording the works of so many of Inda's best musicians and working with the best sound technicians and building an amazing team.


This is labour of love, that generations of not only Indians, but people all over the world will be able to access and appreciate!


Fantastic effort for the music and the musicians, for the industry and every one who is connected to it and for the world heritage.

God bless your progress.

Actor, Lahore 
Shahid Malik

"We must get our artists to play with them. Truley an enjoyable evening".

High Commissioner of Pakistan to New Delhi
Market Research Society of India

"The music was totally engaging and kept everyone on the dance floor, kept me dancing on the chair. Well known western musician, Imogen Heap gave them a standing ovation".

Devraj Sanyal
Universal Music Group India Pvt Ltd & EMI Music

“ Unbelievable, as to how The Peninsula Studios has mentored these artists.

We take this music around the world."

Shujaat Khan
Music Maestro

"Masters in their technique, many congratulations".

Dilip Cherian
Perfect Relations

"Wonderful to see these artists from divergent backgrounds performing together to create superb music".

D Narain

Dear Subroto, what you and your team are doing is a path breaking and transformational in the field of rural Indian music. Giving unknown artists with exceptional talent in rural India a chance to showcase their talent to the world, you are preserving history and heritage of rural Indian music for ages to come. Iam proud of your visionary efforts and perseverance of Team TPS in brining this concept to reality.

Lt. Gen. P J S Pannu
Indian Army

The Peninsula Studios is not only a powerful idea, it is a phenomenon that connects the souls with in and beyond the Indian peninsula.

Music has an aura of local and seasonal fruit, but when transported away from where it grows becomes a novelty and finds its place in recipes of many minds. 

Our great Indian Peninsula has mighty rivers flowing from the highest mountain ranges of the world, these rivers blend into one another at many confluences such as Sangams and Trivenis. They pass through various cultures and traditions carrying every ritual and belief to the oceans of the world which covers two third of the earth's surface. Peninsula Studios is an idea that not only enthralls the minds of an individual, but also connects the souls of the Globe joined by the Universal Studios that partner with it.

We wish the team of the Peninsula Studios the very best, salute to you and Subroto, our most revered friends.

Syed Muazzem Ali
High Commissioner of BanglaDesh to India.

"Very important initiative by The Peninsula Studios who present the best from the sub continent".

Sikkil Gurucharan
Carnatic music vocalist

Shujaat Khan -  “Masters in their technique, Many congratulations.”

Suhel Seth - “Outstanding music, what an evening!”

Dilip Cherian - “Wonderful to see these artists from divergent backgrounds performing together.”

Nusrat Jamil

I am a lover of music, art, architecture.

I love the idea of The Peninsula because the boundaries are regional & not restricted to a particular country.

 It is  very difficult to draw rigid musical boundaries in the region or even  the world. The Peninsula Studio is based in India but I know that the music will cover the entire sub continent.


Spanish music, specially the Flamenco was inspired by the rhythm & percussion & beat from our part of the world. Some aspects of our rhythm & music has travelled all the way from Africa or Spain. 

Music is a wonderful way to build bridges.

All your musicians are loved in Pakistan & vice versa.

It was through music that we met entire Peninsula Studios fraternity.