Lt. General Satish Nambiar

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Brains Trust is  inspired by President Roosevelt's selection of two professors from Columbia University  to advise him on matters of importance, without bias and rhetoric, rooted in facts and insights.


A New York Times reporter discovered this intervention and called this group the President's Brains Trust. 


For Brains Trust India, we are creating a confederacy of great minds who  build bridges with knowledge. The British High Commission is a partner in this movement.


We have a stellar roster of speakers  the 'Brains Trust Associates" from India and the UK who present some great ideas in an audiovisual capsule  available for everyone to see. A multi city tour, with the speakers, to socialise these ideas through an outreach program is on the anvil.  


It is envisaged this program will evolve into a movement, rooted in knowledge appealing to a wide cross section of audiences.

We thank the  Brains Trust Associates and the production team. 


Enjoy the promotional videos  below and click on the link to watch the entire episodes. We plan to release all the episodes this summer. The pre production work for producing the content for season 3 is underway.


Watch, enjoy, share, write to us and participate.

The subjects avoid current affairs and any controversial issues.  We are independent & non partisan publishers. This program is dedicated to  our citizens who are interested in issues of significance presented by experts with scholarship. We do not take any institutional positions on matters of policy.  


Please watch all the episodes on our channel.  Click on

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Brains Trust Associates

Ambassador Satinder Lambah

History of the Durand Line

Lt. Gen. Amit Sharma  (R)  

Episode - 39, 40. India’s Nuclear Doctrine 

Colonel  Ajai Shukla (R)

Episode - 37, 38. India’s Borders with China

Stephen Lovegrove 

Episode - 36. Future of Defence Cooperation between UK and India 

Ambassador TCA Raghavan (R)

Episode - 33, 34, 35. History of Jammu and Kashmir

Sir Simon McDonald

Episode - 32. Britain Leads

Ambassador Asoke Mukerji (R) 

Episode - 29,30,31. History of India in the United Nation 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Georg John Tugendhat MBE VR 

Episode - 26,27,28.

Vinay Sheel Oberoi  

Episode - 23,24,25. Discovering Tibet

Dr. Ramamurti Rajaraman 

Episode - 21,22. Science behind Global Warming and Nuclear Weapons 

Major General Susan Kerstin Ridge

Episode -19, 20. Weapons system evaluation  before battlefield  deployment

Angus Lapsley 

Episode - 18. 

Major General Ian Cardozo (R)

Episode - 14,15,16,17 & 42 . Courage, leadership, overcoming disabilities and the story about Param Vir Chakras 

Colonel Narendra "Bull" Kumar (R) 

Episode - 12,13.  Expedition to Siachen Glaciers and Barahoti   

Vice Admiral Anil Chopra (R) 

Episode - 9,10,11.  Sea Power 

Ambassador Chandrashekhar Dasgupta (R)  

Episode - 8 .  Boundaries of India

Vice Admiral Anil Chopra  - Brains Trust Associate

Episode - 9.  Sea Power 

Amarjit Singh Dulat   

Episode - 7.  Kashmir

Ambassador Satinder Lambah (R)

Episode - 6.  Durand Line

Vice Admiral Anil Chopra  - Brains Trust Associate

Episode - 9.  Sea Power 

Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar (R) 

Episode - 5.  Boundaries of India

Mohan Guruswamy 

Episode - 4.  Boundaries of the Subcontinent 

Shanthie D'Souza 

Episode - 3