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Brains Trust

Brains Trust India  is a confederacy of great minds who  build bridges with knowledge. They tell variety of stories of significance and interest in a series of videos which we record and film. These ideas are taken to wider audiences, through multi city tours with the speakers and digital marketing of this content.


This initiative was inspired by President F D Roosevelt back in 1932 when he chose a cohort of intellectuals to reflect and comment on matters of importance sans bias and rhetoric.


Taking this idea forward, we have brought together highly accomplished professionals of our time to produce a series of educational videos.

This is a passionate venture to record issues and events of significance by those who saw them up close.  We have a stellar roster of speakers, the "Brains Trust Associates", from India and the UK.


This program is envisaged to evolve into a movement rooted in knowledge, appealing to a wide cross-section of audiences. This program is dedicated to citizens who are interested in issues of significance presented by experts and scholars.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy the series. 

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Brains Trust Showreel

Brains Trust Speakers

The videos are for educational purposes and the material is not for any commercial use. Maps and pictures in the video have been accessed from public sources and private collections. In case there are objections to this please write to us in the email below. Brains Trust India @The Peninsula Studios is a Brand owned by Peninsula Publication and Studios P Ltd. The Peninsula Studios do not take any institutional positions on matters of policy and are independent & non-partisan publishers.
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