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Brains Trust


Brains Trust | Dialogue with Peers

Folk Music
The Story of Our Land 

India over the centuries has seen great poets saints and fakirs who created a rich body of work. Their poetry and music traveled across Imphal to Mazar e Sharif, from Gilgit and Hunza to Kanya Kumari. Today, we continue to preserve this by unearthing, nurturing, and sharing the voices of undiscovered artists from across the Peninsula.

We aim to cover all the languages of the subcontinent through music. It is this geographical lens that led us to choose the name The Peninsula Studios.


#MusicChangesLives | #DiscoverThePeninsula

Classical & Instrumental Music
Poetry of the Soul

We are proud to present the finest young artists for our times from diverse gharanas across the country from Hindustani Classical to the majesty of the Carnatic tradition. They perform exquisite pieces of music which are recorded and filmed Live@The Peninsula Studios. 

Our mission is to record their finest moments and showcase their raw talent as they go on a journey to become maestros. We conduct all our recordings and filming @The Peninsula Studios. This unique facility is inspired by the Abbey Road Studios in London, and has been designed by the renowned Ratan J. Batliboi.


Military Music

The Indian Army has a tradition of recruiting musicians from small towns and villages. These musicians turned soldiers are trained to play instruments and read music at the school for music at the Military Music Wing in Pachmarhi and are then inducted into the various bands of the Indian Military. Explore some of the best military tunes played by the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Silver Band recorded to celebrate their 250 years.

Dialogue with Peers
Learn From The Pros

In Dialogue with Peers, we engage with industry leaders to capture glimpses of the wisdom that they acquired. The conversation explores a wide range of topics from an insightful perspective. As we are the sum of our experiences, there is a lot we can still learn from the success and setbacks of others.

Look Into Dialogue with Peers


Emperors of Melody | Chambers Theatre

Emperors of Melody 

For almost everyone, the most soothing experience is listening to a great piece of music and if you are from the subcontinent, some of the memorable moments, have their roots in the great music and films produced between the 40s and the 70s. This was a golden era of film music across India.


The big producers and the great directors had a great sense of musicality,be it Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy, Guru Dutt, Dev Anand and many many more who embellished the cinematic storytelling with some outstanding music. 


Hindi cinema of the time is for sure memorable, but what makes it special, are the seven or eight songs,every film had. The songs that drew millions to the theatres around the country to watch their favourite stars render them on the silver screen. Round this grew a rich culture of television programmes, musical soirées, all dedicated to the rich,in-film music of the time. It is incredible that this tradition carries on,even to date.


So the greatest poets of the time chose to write lyrics appropriate to the situation embellishing the story the Director wanted to tell. Sahir, Shakeel, Kaifi, Shailendra  and the list is pretty long, have left behind poetry, which can for sure be termed as classics. Even to this date,some 60 to 70 years since they wrote their masterpieces,lovers of Hindi films lyrics and music continue to enjoy these songs.


This is where the greatest music directors of the time stepped in. They who understood the storyline, the situation, participated in the writing of the lyrics and then composed music, which was exhilarating and soul, stirring.


The songs were sung by the legendary singers like Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Hemanta, Asha Bhosle, Suman, Kalyanpur, Talat Mahmood, Mukesh and many many others. 


In this collaborative effort, it was the men who waved the baton that had a special place.

In our series, we celebrate great music directors under a program called “Emperors Of Melody”.The Peninsula Studios, in the past few years has curated musical theatre productions as a tribute to S.D.Burman,O.P.Nayyar and R.D.Burman.These productions are available for performance.


Our upcoming production is a tribute to 4 of the greats-the iconic SD Burman, OP Nayyar, Madan Mohan and R.D. Burman - the men, their lives and their music. What you will see are film clips projected on a screen to which some very talented singers will sing live,to memorable soundtracks.But that's not all,you will get to know about these music directors- their struggles, their relationships that drove their creativity to great heights, their failures and frustrations, their genius and little nuggets about their lives, all woven into a beautiful experience.Some trivia will also be interlaced into the production,which will encourage audience participation.It will undoubtedly be a soul stirring journey. Come meet these legends!


A tribute to the Emperors of Melody,is a one and a half hour production,which has been passionately produced and directed by Sita Raina,an eminent theatre actor and director and a Co Founder,Director of The Peninsula Studios.



Chambers Theatre

A unique platform where high-quality theatre is curated and presented to a discerning audience in the intimate setting of our studio.

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Films & Festivals
by Teens & Young adults

FootPrint Film Festival

FootPrint Film Festival is an occasion to witness the work of young filmmakers, to discover new tendencies and new audiovisual languages from across the country and indeed several parts of the world. The festival also creates an opportunity for meaningful exchanges between young filmmakers, to stimulate co-production and enhance the understanding of various themes connected to the festival. The vision is to promote dialogue and understanding among different cultures, giving young aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to bridge gaps and build connections worldwide.

We strongly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to participate and contribute to the world of storytelling, regardless of background, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Our vision is for these last mile children to have the agency and opportunities, realize their full potential, and ensure that the voices of these children reach the mainstream.

The Footprint Film Festival was started in 2020, the year of the pandemic, as a platform for youngsters to express themselves through the creative medium of motion pictures. It is imperative that their voices are heard and they are engaged with and that is the abiding idea behind Footprint Film Festival.

This festival is truly democratic in that sense since it is

By, for and of teenagers and young adults.

making it one-of-a-kind film festival.

The festival organizes workshops and mentorship programs where children and youth can learn about the art of digital storytelling. From screenwriting to directing, cinematography to editing, our aim is to provide comprehensive learning experiences that foster growth and development in the art of storytelling.

Jawar Sircar.jpg

Jawhar Sircar

Jawhar Sircar

Nirupama Rao

CEO Prasar Bharati  
Broadcasting Corporation of India

"Simply superb. This is amongst the most important initiatives carried out with diligence, passion, and a deep understanding of our culture. 


The Peninsula Studios deserves to be supported so that it can cover the entire subcontinent and create a legacy for future generations".

Our Friends Said

Nirupama Rao.jpg

Nirupama Rao

Foreign Secretary - India

"You have blazed a pioneering trail, providing home and harbor to some of the best musical traditions and their exponents from our sub-continent.

Your uniqueness is to be prized.

More strength to you."

Stephen Lovegrove.jpg

Sir Stephen Lovegrove

National Security Advisor - UK

I am delighted to be here today to talk to you as part of The Brains Trust Series on deepening the ties that bind the two great nations. I think The Brains Trust is a great innovation and a way of spreading ideas and thoughts between us. The Brains Trust has got great speakers on the whole series of topics and I recomand that you have a look at all of them.

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