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September 2021

The inspiration behind The Maestros in Studios came from the early recordings of Pandit Ravi Shankar, Bismillah Khan and all the great legends. These recordings of the 50s and 60s captured their genius when they were young. When asked years later, they said that these early recordings were some of their best works.

We met Mehtab Ali Niaizi at a private concert in Delhi in January. He plays the sitar with his brother Khurram, who is still in school. This 21-year-old exuded confidence and played with such ease that we couldn’t resist requesting him to record and be filmed Live @ThePeninsulaStudios.

Enjoy this beautiful piece ‘Babul Mora’ composed by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah when he was exiled to Calcutta from Lucknow in 1856.

Our roster of speakers of great eminence continues to grow. This month we had the privilege of recording three scholars from the Indian military. Vice Admiral Anup Singh of the Indian Navy who was the Former Commander-In-Chief Eastern Naval command tells the fascinating story of the Indian Navy in the 1971 war. Major General B.K. Sharma Director United Services Institute speaks about the history of this premier 150-year-old tri-services think tank. Air-Vice Marshall Manmohan Bahadur takes us through a thrilling presentation on flying helicopters into Siachen.  

These three recordings are a part of our series on the 1971 war and our stories on Jammu and Kashmir. You will also discover the story about Major General Sir Charles MacGregor after whom, a medal is awarded for military intelligence through reconnaissance.

Watch the episodes that are released exclusively on our Brains Trust India channel.


Brains Trust  

 Thought Leaders Of The Month

September 2021

Brains Trust is a confederacy of thought leaders from the UK and India who tell a story which we record and film.  

In this edition, we present four episodes in our Thought Leaders of the Month series. General Sir Nick Carter Chief of Defense Staff UK speaks about the challenges of leadership in a digital world, how do you fight a war with WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook? Dr. Indira Rajaraman; former Director of RBI and member Finance Commission, tells us in detail as to how are revenues collected, distributed between the Centre and the States.

Ambassador Gautam Mukhopadhaya, former Ambassador to Burma, Syria and Afghanistan takes you on a journey on the history of Burma. Admiral Robin Dhowan, former Chief of Naval Staff India will introduce you to the oceans around India right up to the Pacific.

We truly enjoy recording these great women and men. Every month, we will showcase four thought leaders from our Brains Trust series. You will meet some of the finest minds from the UK and India. We have over a hundred episodes for you to enjoy, which we will release over the year.



Artist Of The Month

September 2021

In our flagship program, we travelled through remote villages in Rajasthan, covering 800 km and recording over 400 tracks from the local talent we discovered here. Nathu Lal Solanki, Kutle Khan and many more famous folk musicians originated from this ambitious program. The Mast Qalandars of The Peninsula Studios received a national award. These recordings led to the artists getting more shows and opportunities.



Nirupama Rao is the former Foreign Secretary of the Government of India and India’s Ambassador to Colombo, Beijing and Washington D.C. Music is her passion. She has a wonderful voice.

During her posting in the US, we collaborated to produce 14 tracks of music which was filmed at The Peninsula Studios.

Hear one of the best tracks from the album




Subramania Bharati (1882-1921) Is one of the most eminent independence activists, social reformer, writer and poet from Tamil Nadu.

This song is a fusion between one of his most popular poems, ‘Kannama’ which is sung alongside a composition by Rabindra Nath Tagore (1861-1941)

The Nobel Laureate from Bengal.


Phule Phule was used by Satyajit Ray in his film ‘Charulata’.    



Tomaye hrid majhare rakhibo, chere debo na”.This beautiful folk song from Bengal is about human relationships.

Roughly translated, it means, “That after many lives, I’ve got a life as a human being. I will keep you in my heart and never let you go.”

This song is sung by Shofi Mondol from Kushtia Bangaladesh. Shofi is one of Bengals best known Sufi singers. 



Dialogue With Peers 

Dialogue With Peers is a conversation with leaders from the world of industry, agriculture and commerce. You will meet professionals who have provided leadership to large businesses. They will share their ideas, beliefs, and concerns. This month’s guest is Bharat Bambawale, one of India’s finest advertising professionals, who has lived and worked around the world, managing some of the most loved brands. Watch what he has to say.

In The News

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Brains Trust Tour - Kolkata

For Brains Trust we do a tour with our speakers across cities. Vinay Sheel Oberoi, Colonel Ajai Shukla, and Major General Ian Cardozo present on the discovery of Tibet, the history of the Sino Indian Border, and the Param Vir Chakra at the Tollygung Club Calcutta respectively.


We had a great gathering of guests including Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha (Retd.), Lt. General Anil Chauhan Commander in Chief Eastern Command, along with several citizens and dignitaries at the Tollygung Club Calcutta.

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Message from the Studio

We are proud to have spent the past five months gathering great content, recording, and editing the best talent out there today. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. What would you like to watch next? Share your views on <contact us page>