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Lt. General Shamsher Mehta

During 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, as a young major he commanded an independent squadron of PT76 tanks as a part of 4 Corps commanded by the legendary Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh. 

He was tasked with a near impossible mission of floating his squadron of tanks across the mighty river Meghna in Bangladesh on the 9th of December 1971, he accomplished this and joined up with his infantry and artillery units on the 14th of December  and raced to Dacca.

Rear Admiral S K Gupta Maha Vir Chakra

The INS Vikrant played a pivotal role in the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. She had been acquired from the UK where it was called HMS Hercules.

India's first Aircraft Carrier was deployed to dominate the Bay of Bengal, which she did despite several technical challenges and a threat to the very existence from the formidable submarine arm of the Pakistan Navy which had mandated the PNS Gazi should sink the Vikrant.

The story is narrated by Lt Cdr Santosh Kumar Gupta the Commanding Officer of the 300 squadron flying Sea Hawks off the Vikrant.

Air Commodore Sridharan


Stories from the Battlefield 110 Helicopter Unit Special Heliborne Operation into Sylhet


This is an account of how a squadron of MI4 Helicopters blown by a bunch of young pilots, assigned for rescue and evacuation role were drawn to battle in 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. The legendary Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh changed the course of the war by getting the squadron to helilift over 6000 troops, artillery, equipment across the river Meghna and raced to Dacca.


This story is narrated by a youngest pilot of the squadron.


This is a part of our series of stories from the battlefield.


 Ambassador Asoke Mukerji

India in UN 1971.

The former permanent representative to the UN shares the account of India’s diplomacy related to the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war. In the first phase, India engaged with the major powers of the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the wider international. The second phase of India’s diplomacy focused on the UNSC, to ensure that any UNSC resolution must uphold a political settlement in East Pakistan.

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The Peninsula Studios Music, Theatre and Emperors of Melody.


Tappa singing has complex Taans.


Set to 'Punjabi taal' in Raag Khamaj with the lyric - 'Bhanda ve Mehboob Piyara', the lyrics are sung in irregular speed and pronunciation.


This style of Tappa singing is a specialty of Gwalior gharana, with its beautification with Geetkari, Khatka, Mukri and Harkat

Shashwati Mandal is a fine exponent of the Gwalior style.

Enjoy her rendition of this classic.

She is accompanied on Harmonium by Paromita Mukherjee, on Tabla by Prashant Pandav.

We record all our music @ The Peninsula Studios, watch all the music videos on our Youtube channel. 


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