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August 2020 Edition 
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Head Lines

Brains Trust national tour started with a very successful debut in Bangalore International Centre - Bangaluru followed by Tollygunj Club - Calcutta. 

Vinay Sheel Oberoi, Colonel Ajai Shukla and Major General Ian Cardozo presented on the discovery of Tibet, the history of the Sino Indian Border and the Param Vir Chakra. We had a great gathering of guests including Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha (Retd.), Vice Admital P.K.Chatterjee (Retd.), Lt. General Anil Chauhan Commander In Chief Eastern Command and Lt. General Kalita Chief of Staff. Eastern Command along with several citizens and dignitaries  of Calcutta.

Edition 4 of the British High Commissioners Polo Day, between the Indian Army and the visiting British Army teams for the historic #SudanCup and the #ThePeninsulaStudiosSalver for the most valuable player  was played at the Jaipur Polo Grounds on  the 6th of December 2019. We thank Colonel Tarun Sirohi and Colonel Ravi Rathore for their support.

The Season 3 and Season 4 recordings are underway in The Peninsula Studios with a stellar lineup of speakers. 

The Studio was honored to receive  our war hero Admiral Arun Prakash former Chief of Naval Staff, watch this space for his Brains Trust recordings.


All the  episodes of S 1 and S 2  are available on  You Tube Channels, just click on the link above.

The Studio is in the midst of pre production of Rahul Dev Burman, the genius of innovation in our forthcoming production of Emperor of Melodies.

Watch, share, enjoy both Brains Trust and the Music Videos. Write to us with your suggestions please.


Emperors of Melody 

A Tribute by The Peninsula Studios

Emperors of Melody  is presented in a "Musical" format. The script, the film clips, the actors, the  live singing, the soundtracks, the photographs  are interwoven to produce a enthralling theatrical presentation, bringing these legends to life.The program is hugely popular and travels well.

We are now in the pre production stage of bringing to you the life and work of musical genius Rahul Dev Burman known as Pancham.

This  trilogy is Directed by Sita Raina. Watch this space for the new productions.

We wish  the very best to our

Artists in Residence

as they celebrate their birthdays this  month.

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